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All student must complete the Marine Corps "CYBERM" course on Marine Net (there are two sub-courses; both must be completed.

Apple computers and CAC readers are the number one issue every year for students and their personal devices.

To support their transition to the United States and their PME experience, each IMS will be assigned a US student sponsor.

Consider volunteering early for this important billet.

The achievements of the 4th Marine Brigade on the battlefields of Europe, as one of the two infantry brigades of the Second Division, US Army, comprised the major effort of the Marine Corps in Europe during World War I.

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The 5th Regiment of Marines had landed in France with the first expedition of American troops in June 1917, and by February 1918, with the arrival of the 6th Marine Regiment and 6th Marine Machine Gun Battalion, the 4th Marine Brigade was brought up to full strength.Students: Below are lesson cards and associated readings for the first week of the initial academic course, "Think, Decide, Communicate." Review the lesson cards, note there are embedded hyperlinks for some readings; other readings are attached.