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Still, top-five percentile sexual exploration remains a bit more common for men than it was in the early 1990s, near the beginning of the time series.The Predictable Demographic Differences The residents of Promiscuous America are predictable in many ways.The data show a linear increase in the percentage of women who fall into the high side of sexual adventurousness.In 1990, about 3% of women had had over 15 sex partners. Additional analysis suggests that women’s increasing sexual adventurousness over the years of the time series represents a secular trend towards promiscuity.This includes 10% of unaffiliated women, and 7% of unaffiliated men.Religious participation also has the anticipated negative correlation with promiscuity: the most sexually adventurous Americans are least likely to attend religious services.The story is different for men, for whom promiscuity was most common in the previous decade.Since then, a declining proportion of men have had 50 or more sex partners.

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The median American woman has had three sex partners in her lifetime. These numbers have remained unchanged for decades: you have to look at people born prior to the 1940s, who came of age before the Sexual Revolution, to find lower numbers.

The one exception is college-educated men, whose median tally has declined over the past couple of decades (the numbers for men who didn’t complete college have stayed the same). The distribution of promiscuity is skewed to the right: most people have only a few partners, but a few people have a whole lot.

The data look like this: The yellow bars are medians, included to provide some perspective.

The Trends Overall, younger Americans are now having sex with fewer people than their Boomer or Gen X elders, but that’s not the case for the female promiscuous minority.

The figure below looks at what portion of the sample for each survey year falls into the top five percentile for the entire sample; in order words, what proportion of women for each survey year had 16 or more partners.Regular attendance (defined as several times a month or more) translates into the lowest odds of sexual sybaritism.

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