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On 13 January, Barrow said that Jammeh should not seek asylum in Nigeria, which had been suggested by some MPs in the Nigerian Parliament.President Buhari of Nigeria continued trying to negotiate a peaceful end to the impasse.Of the three Chief Justices between 20, one was jailed, another was dismissed, while the third fled the country after acquitting someone whom Jammeh had wanted to be convicted.The military ceased its occupation of the electoral commission's offices in late December and the government said that its staff was free to return to work.I would therefore appeal to all Gambians and friends of the Gambia to join us and help move this great country forward.

He said, "I know Gambians are in hurry but not everything is going to be achieved in one day.Jammeh called for the election to be annulled and appealed to the Supreme Court.Troops were subsequently deployed in the capital Banjul and Serekunda.After ECOWAS delegates failed to persuade Jammeh to step down, a coalition of military forces from Senegal, Nigeria, and Ghana invaded the Gambia on 19 January 2017 to compel him to relinquish power.

Two days later, Jammeh surrendered presidential duties in favour of Barrow and left the country to exile in Equatorial Guinea.A constitutional crisis in the Gambia started after the presidential elections on 1 December 2016, and ended with the outgoing president Yahya Jammeh being forced to step down in favour of his elected successor Adama Barrow on 21 January 2017, after resistance.