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22-Aug-2020 19:46

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She is always making sure that her hair is perfect, that she has on all the right makeup and clothes, and that her body is toned and tanned.

This is all fine I suppose but it says a lot about someone when they are totally fixated on their looks.

If there is one thing that most guys have in common is that they all tend to date a lot in their 20s.

Of course there are a few outliers involved in that scenario.

" From then on you have to try to get rid of her, which is not easy.

Usually it takes you about 3 times as long to get out of a relationship with a crazy chick than the relationship actually lasted.

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She lays in the weeds waiting for you to screw up, so she can cry into her pillow and then draw you in to some big screaming fight.This type is more than fine if you want to date and hook up with a few times and then run, she is going to go crying to her dad when you dump her after all, and not you.