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08-Nov-2020 02:04

But before you do so, you discuss that you're some variety of cousin. First cousins are persons whose nearest common ancestor is the grandparent of both.

Anything closer than third cousins (grandparents were first cousins, if I understand correctly) is off limits, and third cousins is kinda weird. My first cousin started dating her dad's common-law-wife's nephew, eventually falling pregnant and marrying the dude.

Sam's child Yvonnne is my first cousin once removed; we don't share any grandparents, but she is the child my first cousin (or, from her point of view, I am the first cousin of her parent).

My daughter Raven is Yvonne's second cousin; their nearest common ancestor is a great-grandparent.

In other words, my feelings are based on the admittedly intutitive notion that hitting on one's cousins tends to destabilize the important social structure of the family.

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Call me crazy, but I really think it's a good idea to go outside the family unit to seek a mate, regardless of genetics and such.

Mary & Delinda's other sister, Gina, had a child named Tom.