9 year old writes dating book

31-Jul-2020 06:15

Alec's mother, Erin Greven, credits her son's beyond-his-years insight to his avid reading. At dinner, I say, 'Put your book down,' " she said.Alec - who just finished a children's book on the Watergate scandal - said he wants to be a full-time writer when he grows up, with a weekend job in archaeology or paleontology.Alec Greven is the author of “How to Talk to Girls” which began as an elementary school project.Alec says that he just observed boys making mistakes around the playground and believes that interest is the key to winning a girl’s heart.I think that is why the book has done well, because it is seen as another in a long line of popular humorous books on how to live life. Don't know why the BBC wasted their time with this tripe.If I was the journo who wrote that piece I'd feel ashamed of myself.

As for his how-to, he concedes, "I never expected people to buy it like a regular book in a bookstore." But with classic plain-spoken advice - like "comb your hair and don't wear sweats" - it's no surprise his 46-page book was a hit with boys and girls of all ages.

Dating - which he defines as going out to dinner without your parents - is for "kind of old" people, who are 15 or 16.

Officials at the Soaring Hawk Elementary School said he wrote the book - which was the runaway bestseller at its book fair - for kids, but believe anyone can find inspiration in it.

So Amanda pulled up info online about the KKK and read it to him.

Then she asked, do you want to write a letter to the President to express your feelings about this.And the good thing about Book Creator is that any one can use it, and i’m sure that if more people know about it, the more people will get it and like it like I do and will probably definitely agree with me. Isabel W :) Having fallen in love with the book (and the author!