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PC: Wikimedia Commons Shimla is quite a modern city with historic importance. The snowy peaks and snow carpeted streets are a real treat to especially Indians as there are hardly any places in India that see snow.The city is a lovely place to live in, as it has a piece of almost everything to enjoy.Also, you will want to decide whether you want your kids to follow the IB program or not. Whether or not your husband can work in your building depends on a few things. You are seeing more and more business centers being built here, so another option is to rent in one building and work right next door. Here (the States) the school year begins last week or so of August and ends in late May, early June. Here (the States) the school year begins last week or so of August and ends in late May, early June.Some apartment buildings (though not many) share offices and living space, though most are uniquely dwellings. An awful lot of the questions you ask will fundamentally depend on how much money you can spend. Do schools in Peru generally follow the same calendar? Do schools in Peru generally follow the same calendar?When you transfer into the Peruvian system, you will probably be expected to convalidate credits and even to fulfill prerequisites such as Peruvian history and geography. A much easier option will be to transfer your older kids into a school that follows a US curriculum, such as ICSL or Roosevelt. Be certain to bring certified copies of your kids school records. I wish I could tell you that it is an easy process, but it's not that simple...

The city is rich with natural beauty and with all the other perks; there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to live here and enjoy peaceful life.My husband speaks fluent Spanish, the rest of us have rudimentary at best Spanish skills. Most likely you will want to keep the three eldest together, with some flexibility with the youngest. If you can be walking distance to the school, it is one less headache.Is is best of we have tutors until the children are able to communicate in Spanish or is an American/English school better? Start here for a list of international schools, many of which most courses are taught in English. Some, but not all schools, are divided physically between elementary and middle/senior. But if you need to drive - in my experience anyway - trips to school in the morning were 30 minutes round trip, and sometimes longer in the afternoon.The beaches here are secluded enough, clean, and calm.

On the contrary this part of Goa doesn’t compromise on an enthralling nightlife and street shopping, however; everything seems to be pretty balanced here.

If school is better, which schools in Miraflores are the best at accommodating non-Spanish speakers and new students? Car pooling or paying for a pickup service are frequently used.

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