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13-Jul-2020 11:47

While that might be small for some users, it still packs 3 million pixels into its display, so you can see every detail when watching videos or browsing photos.The Apple i Pad Mini also offers an option for cellular coverage in addition to Wi-Fi, to help you stay connected anytime, anywhere. Pros The Sony Xperia Z4 is a durable yet lightweight tablet with some unique features.Laptop Mag gave it four stars, and CNet gave it a 7.3 overall rating. If you’re relying on your tablet to watch videos and listen to music, this is an ideal device.It has four excellent speakers, a 10.8-inch screen, and sharp 2K resolution.Tablets allow seniors to keep in touch with long-distance family and friends via video chat apps and social media.Apps are available to help seniors and their caregivers keep track of medications and health goals.However, according to some reviews, the touchscreen can be unresponsive, and the keyboard (sold separately) has a non-intuitive design.

While it can’t replace a laptop for productivity, if you want a tablet for simple tasks like Internet browsing, checking email, keeping up with social media and taking photos, this is a solid bet. Pros The Huawei Media Pad M5 Pro is an affordable yet powerful tablet that is great for seniors familiar with Android operating systems.

Its Core i5-8250U processor means you can run multiple programs with ease and reliability.