Accommodating iol dallas

11-Mar-2020 02:55

The new Toric IOL is designed to correct larger amounts of astigmatism in order to provide sharper vision and less reliance on glasses.

Neither the accommodating lens nor the multi-focal lenses provides good vision for patients with higher levels of astigmatism. If Toric IOLs are implanted in both eyes for distance vision, then reading glasses would need to be used for near vision.

The unique design provided superior rotational stability.

The Trulign Toric intraocular lens represents a significant step forward in intraocular lens technology, providing predictable astigmatism correction combined with improved visual acuity for an active lifestyle.

A standard IOL implant will restore your vision, but it will be limited to a single focal point, and you will need glasses for your daily activities that require near or middle vision.

Multi-Focal lenses, such as the Re STOR™ or Technis lenses, are similar to bifocal or trifocal glasses, and can provide a very wide range of vision after your cataract surgery.

While training at the world-famous Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Dr.

Fedyk personally conducted research on the visual outcomes of the first wave of Premium Multi-Focal Lenses.

Your eyes are as unique as your fingerprints, and you’ll want to consult a specialist to help you decide on the best way to preserve your vision. The Trulign Toric intraocular lens is the first toric IOL that corrects for astigmatism and, unlike other standard toric lenses, has the additional capacity to deliver improved vision across a natural range of focus.In the FDA clinical trial, the Trulign Toric intraocular lens demonstrated improved uncorrected near, intermediate and distance vision.That is why young people can see very fine print without glasses.

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This ability is lost with age and our range of vision diminishes, particularly at near, thus necessitating reading glasses.If you are diagnosed with cataracts and are experiencing one or more of the following issues, you may be a candidate for a multi-focal lens: Providing a wider range of clear vision without glasses.