Accommodating workers video books on dating violence

08-Apr-2020 22:46

For more information, please use the links on your screen. Your feedback will help us improve our e Learning so we can better meet your needs.Tax Incentives: There are several tax incentives available for businesses that have employees with disabilities, including federal tax credits such as the Disabled Access Credit and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) for companies that hire people with disabilities and qualified veterans.These critical roles include recruiters and hiring managers who need to understand accommodations for recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding; supervisors and managers who need to know how to recognize an accommodation request as well as understand their role in the accommodation process; the reasonable accommodation SME whose responsibility it is to harmonize and centralize processes, support the training of all employees on workplace inclusion, and support corporate executives in building accessibility into all aspects of governance; and information technology team members responsible for providing digital accommodations as well as ensuring the accessibility of workplace tools.It is equally important that employees with disabilities and their allies understand the accommodation process as well as inform the organization on issues of accessibility and inclusion.The Toolkit therefore provide resources to support organizational efforts to accommodate applicants, candidates, and employees with disabilities; to train those serving in roles critical to managing disability; and to promote disability inclusion throughout the workplace.PDF Version DOC Version Managing people with disabilities throughout the employee life cycle need not be difficult or complicated.Another Cornell finding suggests that employees with disabilities are at least 60% more likely to disclose their disability to their supervisor than to human resources.

There are also state tax credits for employers who hire people with disabilities, some based on the WOTC and others related to accessibility improvements.

It starts with recognizing and understanding the value that people with disabilities bring to the workplace.