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27-Oct-2019 10:10

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In 2013, the American Medical Association adopted a policy against sedentary behavior and encouraged employers to offer their employees fitness balls and standing workstations in order to promote a healthier work environment.

Many employers across the country embraced this trend and allowed employees to alter their workstations by using standing or sit-stand desks.

On the other hand, an employee who notifies his or her employer that he or she (or his or her healthcare provider) believes a standing or sit-stand desk is needed to address a specific health problem, such as chronic back pain, likely has made a request for an accommodation.

If so, the employer would be obligated to engage in the interactive process with the employee.

Vision impairments result from conditions that range from the presence of some usable vision, low vision, to the absence of any vision, total blindness.

Low vision is a term that describes a person with a vision impairment that cannot be improved by correction but has some usable vision remaining.

This question is often more complicated than the first and requires a deeper analysis of the employee’s job and the realities of the workplace.

There are numerous factors the employer may want to consider, including: For many employers, the cost of providing the requested accommodation will not be significant enough to constitute undue hardship.

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In this type of case, whether to provide the sit-stand desk is likely within the employer’s discretion.

The costs of standing or sit-stand desks vary widely, and some models can be purchased for under 0.

The bigger question for many employers is whether the modified workstation would hinder the employee’s ability to perform certain job functions.

In particular, tasks requiring fine motor skills or detailed concentration (such as writing, analyzing data, and strategic thinking) are likely to be more successfully accomplished from a sitting position.

There are no magic words an employee must use in asking for an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act or related state laws.The employer may want to check in regularly to ensure that the employee’s productivity and accuracy continue to meet the company’s requirements for his or her position.

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