Accomodating utilities

12-May-2020 13:31

Separation of the utilities from highway facilities or other utilities may require the acquisition of additional property by the utility company.

Little Deanna Mai field Kansas Richard G Adams, RE. Separation • Utility facilities should be separated from highway facilities to avoid damage during installation and to provide for reasonable success in locating utilities with electronic devices.

Coordination among utilities is essential where utility accesses and valve covers are to occupy highway right-of-way.

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Encasement The following controls are suggested for providing encasement of pipeline crossings of the highway: • Casings should be considered for the following conditions: - Crossings of freeways, expressways, and other controlled access highways and at other locations where it is necessary to avoid trenched construction.

The Utilities Manual provides guidance in accommodating utilities within state right of way in a manner that does not interfere with the free and safe flow of traffic or impair the highway's visual quality.