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Ask some general comprehension questions after students have read the story. What does the text say about her personality and character?Have students read through the story again and write out everything the author says about her.Ask each student to share a time when they were wrong about someone else, or when someone else was wrong about them because of their appearance.Can a barbaric princess give up the man she loves to another woman’s arms?Then give them a list of synonyms for the underlined words.Challenge students to match each underlined word with a more familiar synonym based on the context in the story.One sister, Elsa, is gifted with special powers—and with those powers hurts her little sister, Anna, to the point where Anna’s life is in danger. Prepare for the Story: Back to “The Lady, or the Tiger? This 2747 word-story by Frank Stockton is all about character and sacrifice.

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Watch the Movie:“Frozen”is an instant Disney classic in which two sisters struggle to be friends.

If you like, have students check an English-only dictionary to see if they matched each word to the correct answer.

Follow Up: As a class, discuss the following questions: After having a good discussion as a whole class, have students pair off and work with partners.

Hey Ladies It's so bizzarre how difficult it can be to meet new friends as adults.

I decided to create this for women WITHIN the age range who:..found themselves in the boring old cycle of work home work....maybe haven't got an immedicately family around them..drifted apart form old childhood friendships To meet like minded, open and honest new friends.Underline or highlight any new vocabulary before they read the story.