Advice for dating a widower

26-Jan-2020 03:23

I believe what magnified that feeling was because it was soon after she died (a year).

I broke up with him, but I think we would have been OK had I met him perhaps 5 or so years after her death.

If you seriously have feelings for this man, be prepared for the fact that especially now at just 8 months, she'll "be around."She’ll always be there and it breaks my heart to think about the love that shared and how it ended. I would never want him to forget her or the love that they shared.

That indeed is such a beautiful thing and I wish that I will have that one day (a loving relationship with a partner).

If you're not ok with these and he won't change to help you be with him, I'd say move on.

It may be that holding on to the past is more important than a future with you. He's a widower who has been sort of a consultant in this and has helped many people in your situation. His family and friends may not be ready to see him with a new person.

I just want to not run away because I don’t know how to navigate this situation due to a lack of experience. As far as being intimate, it may lead to bouts of grief and tears.Hi Paradoxal, I posted this earlier in another goup: I was once engaged to a widower. Does he wear her ring around his necklace, does he still wear his ring, keep many photos up of her (whether at home or on social media), does his house appear as if she's still alive (clothes, shoes, artwork, decor), if he doesn't want to move would you be comfortable living in "their" house for the rest of your life, does he visit her grave and how often, does he have a tattoo in her memory, would you be ok going on vacations to "their" vacation destination, will he be buried next to her when he dies, is he close with her family and continue to see them and celebrate holidays with them?It turned out to be one of the most emotional and heartbreaking relationships I ever had. If you're not ok with these, don't feel bad.It is a journey, but I think every relationship is a journey and worth it for love with the right person. Not right now, I'm still raw from that overwhelming experience.

One of the things you will be awake to is your date’s grief. However, you should be aware that he may be very rigid when it comes to talking about his grief.

I think you should give it a chance as it sounds like you guys get on great. The important thing here is that you communicate your feelings and worries about the issue to him.

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