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Right now she has to remain very neutral while the divorce papers are being signed, so they don’t hold anything against her and take her child away from her for good. Is Jo’s relationship with her daughter (Zoey) on good terms?That’s basically what happens, All in all, the people-pleasing Abby, soul-searching Phoebe, the stoicism in Delia and the inferiority complex that drives Jo… They hit a bit of a rough patch at the end of last season.She learns that she’s more vulnerable than she appears to be. Alanna: The divorce is almost finalized thanks to wonderful Delia.Mastermind, Delia, is representing her during the divorce.mid season 1 as Jo Hernandez-Frumpkis, a blunt, filter free, say’s it like it is New Yorker who was an old college friend to Abby Mc Carthy (Lisa Edelstein).Jo’s fiery persona made her an instant fan favorite and her doesn’t-give-a-shit attitude was the motivation Abby needed to remake herself as the face of divorce.

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She finds herself in situations that could potentially, be very dangerous.Season 1 ended with Jo seeking a divorce and making amends with her daughter.