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Or, view them up-close at the Alaska Raptor Center, in Sitka. phone should work in port cities because -- yes, you guessed it -- you're in the U. However, limited cell towers make for spotty reception and, in our experience, some cell providers (ahem, Sprint) don't have good coverage. You're likely here in summer -- but Alaskan summer never gets as warm as most summers in the Lower 48. We even saw some sunning in bikinis at Juneau's Mendenhall Lake, right next to the glacier, when we were wearing sweaters and jackets.

The closest things you'll find here, looks-wise, are common murres and puffins.You can be fined ,000 for possession of a bald eagle feather.Search for eagles in their huge nests (up to 2 tons and 6 feet across) by looking for what appears to be golf balls -- their white heads -- up in a tree.Females average nearly 6 feet tall at the shoulder and can weigh half a ton.

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Don't go asking the locals where you can eat a moose burger, by the way.Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea, and from Cape Prince of Wales on the very tip of the nose (assuming you imagine Alaska's outline is the profile of an old man, like we do).

These were cut with a jig or pattern, and an apprentice could create a very well fitting and attractive joint. European cabinetmakers continued their hand-cut dovetails well into the 1900's.… continue reading »

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The fact is, if you thought old ladies were always sweet and innocent, then you were completely wrong.… continue reading »

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There is designated ADA drop-off area on 1st Ave S and Railroad, where you can pull in and drop off guests just outside the Century Link Field Pro Shop.… continue reading »

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