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20-May-2020 17:08

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She always said she'd support my finding him if I ever wanted to.

I really didn't question him or think of him critically when I found him.

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I spoke with Natasha more about her story., one of my favorite shows, where she goes, "I love watching porn, really good porn, you know, where the guy sort of looks like my dad…" and the whole audience laughs.

My mom's long-term partner was a patriarchal butch lesbian, so I already had a "father figure" in my immediate family.

She also explained that, when we grow up with family around us, sexual boundaries naturally get established along the way.

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But when that process hasn't occurred, and family members meet as adults, there is a good chance that strong sexual feelings will arise, and be acted upon depending on the situation.

All it felt like was that I was his favorite person.

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