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Miguel apologized to Franco and Mia and was eventually forgiven. Mia didn't feel she was prepared to sleep with Miguel and was worried that he'd find another girl.After that Mia and Miguel finally became close friends and at the end they went together to Monterrey as a boyfriend and girlfriend. Her enemy this season was Sol de la Riva, who tried stealing Miguel in the beginning and later created the Top Girls with Raquel, Pilar and Michelle to try and take away Mia's popularity.

Miguel was friends with Sabrina, but Sabrina wanted more.

Mia went out with Gaston, the prefect of the school. Miguel came to Mexico in order to avenge his fathers death.

He believed Franco Colucci killed him, so he planned to get revenge on him by hurting his daughter.

Miguel tried to explain to Mia he never slept with Sabrina, but he ended up in a coma.

Mia was devastated Miguel fell into a coma and tried everything to help him. Every guy wants to date her, but Mia is afraid that she'll get her heart broken. In season 3 she becomes best friends with her enemy Roberta Pardo.