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Barely three months before graduation, he dropped-out of school after a skirmish with the acting school directress, the cause - religious difference.It seemed to be the end in his education and career as he was expected by everyone to become a famous lawyer, a doctor or a brilliant scientist in the future. His interest in the Holy Book was parked by his membership in the religion of his parents.After sometime, he became a preacher, a debater and a minister in the congregation. Perez, explaining to him the teachings and the mysteries of the words of God, other ministers hardly comprehend, unknowingly grooming him to be the next leader.Thus, in such circumstance, he has gained an extraordinary discernment if not mastery of the Bible, a discernment that would not be possible without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. From the seventeener neophyte Bible-reader, he has gone leaps and bounds along with the Congregation's undertakings, which have also grown into immense proportions.Such understanding of the Bible remains an enigma to every other preacher or minister or even TV evangelist who sees him as a rival as he speaks of their wrong-teachings. Ironically, the size of the Organization is capable in supporting ambitious activities such as the numerous orphanages and foundations it sustains, the educational institutions, the radio and television production of religious shows and other activities such as charity shows, concert, song recording etc.The most controversial TV show in the local religious world is being produced by the Organization. The program has incited discussion and debates on religious issues and controversies inducing people to be meticulous enough that in the pursuit of truth and salvation, everything that one does should have a formidable basis in the Holy Scriptures. Eli as a Bible teacher is well-known for his expositions of grave religious scam and malpractice which has beguiled many people unawarely for generations leading them into moral corruption and ultimately to eternal damnation. Eli Soriano was born to a poor family in Pasay City, Philippines but his paternal roots boast of prominent lineage in Naguilan, La Union, northern part of the said country.The Rimando-Soriano family in Naguillan has been a staunch political and economic influence since the 19th century but his father opted to live in the city with the family.

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Over the years, it has been very evident that the efforts of MCGI leaders Bro. Daniel Razon in preaching the Gospel has been fruitful with God’s help. Eli Soriano was also recognized by award giving bodies.Today, the program which has started from only one dialect is now being heard in more than 70 countries in five languages.