Animal lover dating site

22-Nov-2019 00:47

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Profile criteria includes an item asking if a person has or likes pets and the animal type.

Animal types to choose from are dogs, cats, horses, birds and other.

‘Some guys go to bars and go to girl after girl to try and find just one to talk to.

And then find out that it’s not a good match (except for one night…).’ In addition to his bio, Brandon also provides a work history (most of which comprises of working with animals or volunteering at animal shelters).

These online dating sites allow individuals to meet other people that love their pets just as much.

There is also a chat room available, though it does not seem to be heavily frequented.

It allows a person to chat via keyboard or by using a webcam.

This site is open to men and women who are looking for dates or friendships whether they have pets or not.

There are options for straight, gay and bisexual individuals.People named Brandon really like setting up dating sites about themselves.