Application screenupdating doesn t work

25-Aug-2020 22:18

application screenupdating doesn t work-21

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Screen Updating = False doesn't work when you step through the code.I guess the point is, if you're stepping through the code, you want/need to see what effect it is having on the worksheets.In that code if we select the targeted cell then it will call some macro in it.So every time when I select any cell in that worksheet the screen flickers. Sometimes me too experienced that with Worksheet Events but adding that screenupdating = false code made it to flicker even more with the Worksheet Change Event.

I know there are lots of threads relating to this topic, like don't use "Select" or "Activate" or set it to false if you need to use it.

Problem seems to be starting somewhere around m5 where the code inside m5 is supposed to clear cells and copy values.

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