Armenians interracial dating

12-Feb-2020 08:01

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Yet, I dont know exactly why, but marrying an Armenian or a non-Armenian was not very high on my priority list.

I was more interested in the person who is good, the right one for me, and one I could get along with.

Views of of being an Armenian for those married to non-Armenians Compiled by Der Stepanos Dingilian, Ph. 2001 A few issues back, an article was compiled on why some Armenian men and women would prefer marrying an Armenian.

Now it was befitting to ask why some Armenians married a non-Armenian.

Their comments are written from the first person singular perspective to reflect more of their expressions and presence.

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As far as high points, in just a few years of marriage, I have learned a lot more about my Armenian heritage than I had during the twenty or so years prior to marriage. Being proud of my Armenian heritage I couldnt say I dont know.You should see their jaws dropping when they hear about the details of Armenia and the Armenian heritage that my spouse tells them!There is something else that I am finding exciting in our relationship: I seem to have the role of introducing being an Armenian to my spouse.For the current article, a number of interviews were conducted with couples where only one spouse is Armenian.

The interviewees included both, those where the husband is Armenian and those where the wife is Armenian. The information shared here is only the comments of the Armenian spouse, and comments shared without the presence of the non-Armenian spouse.They also thought I was being foolish and not practical because I did not know what I was getting into.