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I was bummed that although I can usually find fresh shiso leaves at my neighborhood grocery store, of course the moand only marinated the tuna in it, figuring that it is was too spicy, the avocado chunks and rice would cool things down--and they did nicely.I was extremely happy with this delicious meal-in-a-bowl and I will happily make it again.In early April, we traveled to Sri Lanka, an island nation located in the Indian Ocean in South Asia.During school on Friday, I completed all of my marking and had time to return home, finish packing, and even shower before heading to the airport for an overnight flight.

The woman behind the counter spoke little English, so when Richard selected some sort of vegetable samosa and a skinny hot dog with raw onion in a bun, she assumed we both wanted the same thing and served up two of each.

I am a huge Chef Morimoto fan from years back, ever since discovering him on the original Iron Chef on Food Network.

I have spied him at the airport, eaten at his restaurant here and generally will watch anything he is on, including episodes Hawaii Five-O.

We stocked up on rupees, switched to a local SIM card, and hit the road.

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Shortly after leaving the airport and at our request, Amila stopped for breakfast.I found myself tabbing many of the recipes to make like Ohitashi (dashi-marinated kale), Furikake with Shrimp Shells and Potato Chips (I tend to buy my fuikake seasoning!