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In 1915 Turkish troops "with Kurdish detachments" committed mass slaughters of Assyrians in Iran.

In the Assyrian village of Haftvan almost 1000 people were beheaded and 5000 Assyrian women were taken to Kurdish harems.

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The massacre was carried out by the Iraqi Army, led by Kurdish General Bakir Sidqi, and Kurdish and Arab irregulars. Turks, with the cooperation of Kurdish groups, conducted systematic murder against the Christian population.

In 1843 Nestorians in the Tauris region refused to pay Kurds the jizya, and "by way of reprisal 4350 Nestroians were slaughtered, about 400 women and children were reduced to slavery and all their houses and churches destroyed".

Historians have noted that in "Kurdistan Jews, Nestorians and Armenians were subject to tallage and corvees at whim of authorities, and this period witnessed massacres of Christians in Kurdistan in the mid-19th century".

Historians have noted that "Bedirhan Bey the Ruler "called the Kurdish Muslims to fight a sacred war against Christian Syriac, Nestorian, Chaldean and Armenian people and ordered to massacre and annihilate them".

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Kurdish writers have recounted that "the Kurdish troops attacked the Assyrians and started slaughters.In 1894, Paul Cambon described the creation of Kurdish Hamidies regiments as "the official organisation for pillage at the expense of Armenian Christians".

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