Atlanta dating service double your dating jar

09-Aug-2020 23:37

That skill, an unforgettable smile and charismatic personality are ideal characteristics to be part of the Single Atlanta Matchmakers team.

She holds a degree in Economics from Georgia State University and has worked in sales for over 5 years.

She founded Single Atlanta 20 years ago after marrying her husband, Les Murphy and relocating to Atlanta.

Today, as Founding Partner of the firm, she is active in serving clients in the firm’s “Luxury Division.” A classic “connector” with a warm personality, her talents and expertise have made her one of the most sought after matchmakers.

Atlantans have come to know and trust these two whole-heartedly.

Recognized as a pioneer in the modern revival of matchmaking.

“You begin with a fundamental decision, in which you have to say I am ready to move on and create the life I’ve always wanted.” Patricia joins us in the role of public relations director and is a perfect fit for her new position.

When I talk to people, we are able to dig deep very quickly.

He became an entrepreneur after six years in marketing with IBM, and has applied those marketing talents into building the largest personal matchmaking company in the Southeast.