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11-Sep-2019 10:01

To admire is defined as to “regard with respect,” or to “look at with pleasure.” Women often say that they don’t want to be “put on a pedestal,” but that’s exactly where they should be, held on high, off the floor, where they won’t be bumped into, overlooked, or stepped on.

So, date the guy who brags about you, who listens when you talk, who notices when you walk in the room, and who inspires you to cultivate your best qualities.

If you’re being taken for granted, then follow the example of John Galt, and the other innovators, entrepreneurs and artists he inspired to withdraw their creative energies from an envious, ungrateful, entitled society.

The scale of your strike will depend on the scale of the behavior you’re seeking to protest and alter.

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You don’t have to understand Objectivism or ascribe to libertarianism to follow the simple, practical principles I’ve distilled from these philosophies and applied to real life dating challenges.