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would looooove to host this or help you run an event!Send her an email if you are comfortable doing so, and let’s see if we can get enough people together to do it!Speed-Dating is a quick way to meet a few new people who are interested in finding someone to date– maybe you!know the friend’s contact information IMMEDIATELY after you buy the ticket.As a general rule, both will happen frequently throughout the year, so you’ll have other opportunities.might be a better fit if you are anxious about meeting new people in a new place– it will give you a chance to settle in and get to know other nerds based on what you like.The bottom portion will allow you to indicate to us whether or not you are interested in any of the people you meet.You’ll spend a few minutes chatting with each of your speed-dates, and if you would like to carry on any of the conversations later, let us know– when the interest is mutual, we’ll make sure that you can get in touch with each other again.

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IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PREPARATION: In order to prepare for the event and help people get a “sense” of you faster, I’d suggest that you prepare a sign or pin/badge with your name that conveys something about your personality.Priority is on a first come first serve basis and also to those who have already signed up for an event in their own age group.