Belize dating women

27-May-2020 10:43

A female friend of mine who owns a small place also has some workers, and quite often her workers do not do what she asks them to do.So in the beginning, just to establish my position properly, I paid all our workers.

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Many women in Belize, as in many Latin American countries, raise children and tend to the home.

Hi there, I'm a very positive person who sees the best in life and people.

I am a simple, calm and kind woman, cheerful, open person, love life and enjoy it.

In Belize, females are treated with the same respect as men.

One important concept learned early on during my time in Belize was that if I ever felt uncomfortable by a man, all I needed to say was “please respect me” and he would right away.

Also, there is social stigma in going to a shelter, so women tend to be hesitant to ask for help. Best Places will present information from the Community in a transparent way, unedited, except to conform with our Conditions of Use.

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