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27-Dec-2019 21:39

Its main goal, like most Wi-Fi extenders is to boost the wireless signals to areas not reached by router or access points.Plugging it directly into any power socket around, it will grab the available wireless connection and extend its wireless Internet capabilities.I recently got a Netgear WNDR3400 Dual Band Wireless Router.When I first installing it everything seemed to run great, download was about 1.5 Mbps and a good ping, 20-70 for gaming. While the download does vary due to the service provider, my ping however has suddenly increased to a constant 200-400.

The Air Port Extreme has 3 Ethernet ports, dual-band connection to take advantage of all wireless frequencies, which gives you better connection strength and allows up to 50 users at a given time.

Similarly, its small size allows you to easily place it on a desk or directly plug it into a power outlet.

One Ethernet port on the bottom of the product allows for a simple plug-and-use functionality that can be valuable when using it for different locales.

If you are keen on getting a Wi-Fi extender to broaden your Wi-Fi reach, consider buying these Wi-Fi boosters in Malaysia.

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SEE ALSO: 5 Ways to Get Free Wi Fi in Malaysia Belkin’s Wireless Dual-Band series features a sleek black design and a wide range extension that will enhance your home or office network.At the very worst they might come home with a YOLO shaving across the back of their head, but then I would suggest you had more to worry about in your boyfriend than his choice of follicle topiary.