Ben affleck dating zimbio

01-Nov-2019 22:52

Jennifer Garner has a “new guy” and her alleged boyfriend is a lawyer, wrongfully claims one of this week’s tabloids. And why if she celebrated New Year’s with him is the publication now running a story in mid-March? Garner is not dating that mysterious man nor any other guy right now. Here is what’s fact and what’s fiction: , as widely reported back in late December by numerous outlets.

But Gossip Cop fact-checked the story and it’s untrue. According to the , Garner “even introduced her new lawyer beau to family members during a New Year’s weekend in Montana.” The supermarket tabloid tries to bolster its story by alleging it has a “source” who maintains that after Garner and Ben Affleck spent Christmas together with their three children, the actor left the Montana resort and “Jen’s boyfriend and her family arrived.” The magazine further contends Garner’s “finally ready to give love another try.” Maybe the tabloid should give its story another try, this time with some facts. That information is hardly unique or exclusive to the tabloid.

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Affleck has a variety of tastes when it comes to women, there is no discrimination; by the looks of it, he picks women based off of who he is working with at the the second highest rated program on the network.