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16-Dec-2019 08:52

The fashion model flaunted her sexy body days after it was confirmed that she and Simmons have already called it quits.A source told Us Weekly that the two have indeed broken up and the split “wasn’t so sudden” given their busy schedules.“We know dating back to before the draft, Ben Simmons loves LA,” Jason Mc Intyre told me last week on the Scoop B Radio Podcast.“Dating Kendall Jenner, loves it out here, he’s on that same agency that Le Bron is repped by, Klutch [Sports].On Monday, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” matriarch took to Instagram to share snaps of what she found while gallivanting in Paris.Apparently, Kris spotted some of Kendall’s photo ads for Longchamp, and so she took pictures of them to share with her followers on the social media platform.

Kendall is also in Cannes for the star-studded event.Kris Jenner was a proud mom when she saw Kendall Jenner’s ads while touring Paris.She voiced her happiness for her daughter’s success days after the fashion model’s breakup with Ben Simmons was publicized.Remember Kris Jenner was originally scouting Danilo Gallinari for Kim before she married Kris Humphries so setting up this relationship is right out of her playbook.

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In return for being Kendall’s beard for a few years, Kris will help Ben get to LA so he can live in Malibu and go to the clubs with the LA thots. Both get something out of it and will probably ‘amicably split’ months after Ben is traded. If Ben Simmons made a deal with the devil, Le Bron and the Lakers might not even want him.

I just know there’s only one driving force behind every NBA transaction and personnel decision, and that is Kris Jenner.