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28-Nov-2019 10:09

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That all being said, all dating kind of sucks until it doesn't.I did end up meeting a fantastic woman and I am very happy with the time we get to spend together.The girls up their threw themselves at him because they were like "wow, you're not an opiate addict, you don't have 3 kids from 2 different women AND you have a stable job that isn't a seasonable job in tourism or entertainment industry???? He wifed up this gorgeous ER doctor chick and they bought a nice house, both ski and hike all the time and travel tons. Cause if you are in the city chances are you don't live there, and saying "Want to go back to my place" and having to drive 30-45 min to East Bay kinda ruins the whole thing. “Not enough women” “too many tech gold diggers” “girls don’t dress up” “I won’t date anyone in the east bay” “no one here talks to each other anymore” “picking up a bars feels sleazy and the city is too small” “I don’t want to date anyone in tech too”over and over and over.You have to become friends with the person first without friend-zoning yourself. When I was in college in SF a couple decades ago these were the same complaints I heard now, it’s just worst because of Tinder.I didn't realise how good I had it there until I moved back here. Most of us are in relationships, yes even the super nerdy guys.Everyone here is alone and won't do anything about it. This sub feels like I'm reading about a hellish mirror realm version of the place I live, but I guess that's reddit for you."Yeah, let's totally hang out next Tuesday, I'll buy us tickets to that show! gets ghosted, never hear from them again There's some of that on the female side too, except generally I push for asking if we're gonna meet (because no one is getting laid if we never meet) and it's like, this awkward shuffle of "does she want me to take her out on a date?

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" no one really had a good answer, whereas everyone knows the answer to "name three good places to get brunch."I think the Bay is kind of like Never Never Land, and that it collects a lot of Lost Boy (and Lost Girl) types.So right off the bat - there is less time to date here than in other places.