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28-Jul-2020 13:29

The good news is, people aren’t going crazy with this.The majority of people (82%) said they’re spending between 0- dollars online dating.Okay, so I wasn’t that blunt in asking the question – but I wanted to know what type of people they were meeting online!The surprisingly good news is that the VAST MAJORITY said they’re meeting decent people, just not finding a good match for them.They’re not ready to give up on online dating yet and they’re holding onto hope. She’s also the host of the hotline style Love Relationships Podcast.Her popular relationship advice blog, True Love, reaches millions of people with the message of healthy relationships.A whopping 44% of Christian singles are trying 3-5 dating apps and sites.

It just goes to show you that times are changing, and online dating is becoming a thing of the majority over the minority.So how many of those casual interactions actually translated into a real life date?The majority of people, 74% of respondants, said they got anywhere between 1-6 dates (with the majority of that bunch reporting 6 dates)! But interestingly enough, 26% of people said they haven’t been on one date yet as a result of online dating.The great news is that the majority of people said they started interacting with at LEAST 6 people, thanks to online dating.

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If nothing else, I thought this survey pointed to the fact that online dating like a great opportunity to practice your interactions with the opposite sex and start the process of getting to know people.Scroll down below to find get the scoop about everything from the top Christian dating sites to the number of successful dates that have come from online dating.