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For IPv6, the script can alternatively attempt to detect the correct local address to use.

The sample file contains comments that should explain everything.

Note that the script can update a list of domain names, in case you need the machine to have several names.

It is preferable to use a CNAME instead, this will reduce the number of updates performed in the zone.

Alternatively, some routers can be configured to do this themselves. Please read this guide carefully and make sure you understand the security implications of what you are doing. If it were run-time configurable, then a user could call the script with her own configuration file, gaining access to all domains BIND lets you configure. They are using Python 2, so make sure you have that installed.

If you want to put the files in another directory, change the configuration file name accordingly. There are two scripts: One is used for clients to detect their current external IP address, and one is used to do the actual update of the domain.

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If you want to be emailed about changes in your IP address, pass as argument.

To run the script regularly, simply set up a cronjob.