Brazil dating customs

13-Nov-2020 22:44

Approximately 450,000 Brazilian immigrants resided in the United States in 2017, an increase of nearly one-third over a seven-year span that was marked by difficult conditions in Brazil, including a recession accompanied by high unemployment and inflation.

Brazilians, who now represent 1 percent of the 44.5 million immigrants in the United States, have historically sought improved economic opportunities via emigration, especially since the 1980s.

Click here for an interactive map that shows the geographic distribution of immigrants by state and county.

Select Brazil from the dropdown menu to see which states and counties have the highest distributions of Brazilian immigrants.

After civilian government returned to Brazil in 1985 following two decades of military rule, hyperinflation crippled the country’s economy until the mid-1990s.

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Within the top five states, Brazilian immigrants were concentrated in Broward County, Florida; Middlesex County, Massachusetts; Los Angeles County, California; Essex County, New Jersey; and about evenly between Queens and Westchester counties in New York.

English Proficiency According to the 2017 ACS, approximately 58 percent of Brazilian immigrants in the United States reported speaking English very well or speaking only English at home.

The remaining 42 percent had limited English proficiency, speaking English less than “very well.” Brazilian immigrants were, on average, less likely to be Limited English Proficient (LEP) than the overall foreign-born population (48 percent).

The sections below describe the geographic distribution and demographic characteristics of the foreign-born Brazilian population residing in the United States.

Click on the bullet points below for more information: Distribution by State and Key Cities Half of the foreign-born population from Brazil resided in just three states in 2017: Florida (80,000), Massachusetts (65,000), and California (39,000). Brazilian immigrants are also employed in service occupations at higher rates than both immigrants overall and native workers, and they are least likely to be employed in production, transportation, and material moving occupations.

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