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15-Mar-2020 00:56

Taking Instagram is easy and yet it provides the extra value displaying and trust building properties if your Instagram is set up correctly. She grasps all the awesome value you have displayed on your page: talents, travel pics, photos with hot girls, the large amount of followers which gives you social proof and makes her see that other girls like you.Instagram acts as a filter before a date, now she is ready for the next stage. You have a date, you are being yourself, girl already treats you as you deserve to be treated, there is no need for you to DHV (brag about yourself) and you can just act cool.It does not conflict with any style, and only serves as a tool to improve it, plus it provides some unique ways of meeting girls.With Instagram game you get access to hot girls you would never otherwise meet.It also saves you time on dates since most of the work – value displaying and trust building has already been done for you by your Instagram page. Girl is ready for you to date her and she will treat you as you deserve. I have observed this phenomenon in numerous nightclubs around the world.

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I believe following: Game is a skill of marketing yourself.

You can automate things, where we get the bot to like and follow chicks for you, and some of them end up following you back and even messaging you.