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You might be forced to stick it out, watch him flirt and take up with other women—sometimes even marry them, like someone I know had to experience.

In terms of my situation, after three months of excruciating pain of maneuvering the AA meetings and social scene thing, he relapsed and I swore I would never date in AA again. Technically, I never really started dating Lance—we were friends until the night he fingered me on my couch—but suddenly we were more than friends.

And when I date another alcoholic, I get to factor in their challenges as well.

I have no idea where they are at in their program—i.e.

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This is just a suggestion (as everything in 12-step is) but it was invented for a reason—to avoid hasty, emotional decisions you will probably regret.

While Johnny Mc29 Days was, on his best day, a scared shell of a human, Lance had the confidence of someone with real recovery.

But the clashing tides of our respective alcoholic egos became a ticking time bomb that exploded every two weeks.

It’s not that alcoholics should be labeled defective for life, but even at its most treated, alcoholism is a disease that affects our perception and the way we process information.

If I continue to work my program, I will get better every year but I will always have challenges.I was so unwell at the time that I actually told myself that my vagina was helping him get through early sobriety (not joking, wish I was).