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By reflecting on the life of Jesus, especially the sorrowful mysteries, we must be moved to repentance for sin.To pray the rosary well and receive the graces it affords, one must have pure intentions of abandoning sin and turning to God with one’s whole heart.Perhaps what was true for me was one of De Montfort’s retorts: a “big fault a lot of people make when saying the Holy Rosary is to have no intention other than that of getting it over as quickly as possible.” A good method of praying the rosary includes asking for a special grace.De Montfort also calls speed pray-ers to task saying, “It is really pathetic to see how most people say the Holy Rosary–they say it astonishingly fast and mumble so that the words are not properly pronounced at all.” To this, De Montfort suggests slowing down with the rosary.He goes on to explicate that when one person prays the rosary individually, they gain the merit of one rosary, whereas a person who recites the rosary in the group, gains merit for all the rosaries prayed by each person.(Forty-Seventh Rose) When speaking about proper dispositions De Montfort means ongoing personal recitation of the rosary.The distractions and temptations one faces regarding the rosary, he calls temptations from the evil one who seeks to make us bored, distracted, or exhausted.

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It is important to fight such distractions given the meritorious nature of the rosary for the Day of Judgment. In the past, I have simply prayed the rosary, without calling to mind any specific intentions.He outlines four dispositions, with the fifth being explicated in the forty-eight rose.