Chinese dating scam

11-Dec-2019 15:21

Last time I looked there were 14,000 ladyboys with profiles on the site. Date In Asia is a free online dating site where you can browse personal ads for free. Generally speaking the men on the site are looking for Asian wives.Although a free dating site may seem like a good idea, remember that free dating sites are a haven for scammers and dishonest people.Sites like Date In Asia have over one million members registered with them.While many of these might be inactive profiles, there?

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Most free dating sites have so many members that controlling scammers is virtually impossible as they can sign up faster than the site can remove them.

Small Time Dating Site Scam Many dating scams are operated by Asian ladies themselves.

These scammers roam the many Asian dating websites like Date In Asia in order to look for victims.

Before getting too involved with a woman, make sure you verify which country she’s living in.

Stay well away from any Asian women claiming to be working in a country outside of Asia (particularly developing countries, i.e. Before getting too involved, you must see your lady on webcam in order to verify that she actually exists.

Ignore this advice at your peril – many victims of African dating site scammers were scammed by fake profiles of men and women who didn’t actually exist.