Chris klein dating ginnifer goodwin

19-Oct-2020 08:56

And there are those who choose to ignore the chatter altogether. “I perpetuate rumors that I’ve dated people that I’ve never actually dated,” she says with a sly smile.“Dorothy Parker once said something along the lines of, ‘I don’t care what’s written about me so long as it isn’t true.’ It’s safe making.”It’s a savvy tactic for someone who spent this past winter showering reporters with seemingly earnest proclamations about her romantic tendencies in the service of promoting , a chick flick in which she played Gigi, a lovelorn girl tragically oblivious to courting clues.“We were asked so many inane dating questions,” she says on an April morning in New York, her makeup-free skin so astonishingly prepubescent in its porelessness that one might wonder whether she ingests embryonic stem cells for breakfast.With incredulity, Goodwin recalls the time that she and Long were forced to give dating advice to callers on a radio show.As for Ginny, she has yet to ever comment on Katie. Katie’s ex loved her and her acting is top notch – as opposed to Katie’s which is solid D-list.She doesn’t really need to toot her own horn, now does she?

Fast forward a few years and Katie looks like single life totally agrees with her and Ginny is expecting a baby with her Once Upon a Time costar Josh Dallas.“I don’t know why anyone would want to ask an actor for dating advice,” she says, eyes rolling.“We are not the poster children for healthy relationships.”True to her good-girl reputation, the 31-year-old is sweet and sunny, with a Southern belle’s sense of propriety.On red carpets and at parties, she clutched her costar in the film, Justin Long, with such affection that the tabloids reported the two were an item.

Turns out they have been buddies for eight years—and that the peppy, silly Goodwin who chirped red-carpet sound bites like, “There’s always room for phone calls and cuddling. ” seems to have been just another role for the actress.

It’s interesting to see that even Katie can be unnerved by another woman though, isn’t it?