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26-Feb-2020 15:04

None of us had apps on our phones, and we didn't wear masks either.

Thankfully, most of us are a little more educated nowadays.

Be aware that most places won't automatically serve it to you, and you'll have to ask for it.

If you want cold water, you'll need to purchase a water bottle instead.

However, the Western media and even the Chinese government have done a horrible job teaching people how to protect themselves. Well, that's one option, but I prefer the white 3M construction masks.

When you see images of very polluted days in China, they're often accompanied by photos of people in surgical masks. They'll protect you from PM2.5, and you can buy them in bulk at Home Depot, Lowe's, or Amazon.

(I guess that should be #6.5: not everything on the menu is actually available.) So what do they give you instead of tea?

Usually, most restaurants will serve hot boiled water, even in the summer!

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While sometimes I do hear negative comments about American politics and culture, these criticisms almost never come from Chinese people. They might ask what the average salary is back home, or how much it costs to buy a house per square meter.For me, I decided to avoid this problem altogether by purchasing a Diva Cup.

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Rahman pura-pura beredar tapi rupa-rupanya dia sembunyi di sebalik tiang sambil memerhatikan saja gerak-geri Deera. Tapi apa peduli, demi nafsu serakah dan dendam ini, dia tetap akan melakukan sesuatu yang tak mungkin Deera akan lupakan.... Rahman dalam umur awal 40-an seperti hilang akal dan tak berfikiran waras. Sebaik saja Deera melangkah masuk bilik boss nak menghantar kertas kerja yang baru siap, Rahman cepat-cepat mengekor dari belakang. Sebaik saja Deera melangkah keluar bilik boss, Rahman memerangkap dan menekup hidung Deera dengan klorofom. Rahman mendokong Deera masuk bilik boss dan di henyakkannya ke atas kusyen panjang bilik boss. Kini hanya mereka berdua saja dan Rahman dah sedia nak buat apa saja... Rahman mula menjilat tetek Deera, kemudian cipap Deera dijilat dan dirodok dengan jari hantunya.… continue reading »

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