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Therefore, its failure certifies that the business idea is doomed but its success is inconclusive.Most of the “concierge MVP” approaches fall under this class.Before launching a business idea, entrepreneurs first develop a minimum viable product (MVP), and conduct various tests to validate or invalidate their assumptions about the idea.For instance, if they have developed an MVP that is inferior to the final version, then the success of the test validates their idea.Before entrepreneurs start working on their idea, they try to reach out to people who could be potential customers for their product.Then they try to sell them their product idea, which is to be developed yet.In this approach, entrepreneurs develop a much better product at an unsustainably high price by personalizing it for each customer.

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The second type is the Invalidating MVP, which uses a better product than the final product.Thus, it’s better to test the market risk first and if you are able to develop a “better product” and no one is paying for it then it’s time to move on.

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