Consolidating police fire departments

03-Oct-2019 12:50

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The idea behind the initiative was to see if by pooling their resources, the two communities could obtain the same level of public safety services for less money – or perhaps even improve what was available.John O’Keefe, the town manager for Manchester, says the key to making a consolidation work for police services is that both communities have to feel they are getting something worthwhile.More than three dozen articles — gleaned from decades of experience serving departments across America — cover communication, change, diversity, career considerations, finances, goal setting, leadership, performance, planning, training, and trust.From emergency dispatch services to school districts the term "consolidation" has entered the Vermont conversation extensively this past year.The Mc Grath Consulting Group's methodology helps define proper levels of response and services as well as the dollars needed to provide that service.

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Alan Gould is vice president of the Municipal Resources, the firm that conducted the recent study in Manchester and Dorset.Mc Grath's full repertoire of management assessment tools and training materials are used by a multi disciplinary team of consultants, each of whom possess decades of experience.This entertaining book will challenge and inspire you to become a better leader.Citizens have high expectations of what fire, EMS, and police departments should provide.

These expectations are often based on scenes from television, movies, or hearsay rather than industry standards or budget constraints.

“And the governance is that towns have to be willing to accept a partnership from a governing standpoint." The process will moved forward with public meetings on the police side of consolidation up for discussion later in June in both Manchester and Dorset.