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A recent mea culpa in Toronto Life magazine by one of those reporters alleged that Biderman used friends of his to pose as Established Men members for a profile in the magazine.

In another email chain where staff are trying to decide who to attribute quotes to in a press release for Established Men, Biderman suggests making up a name.

After 15 years — six of which involved intensive marriage counseling — I finally decided to walk away.

I wanted to take control of my life and smile again. As striking as this blonde-hair, blue-eyed guy was, he just wasn't stable enough for me. But OKCupid, e Harmony — none of them felt quite right for me.

Foreplay felt like a chore, and eventually we weren't having sex at all.

I existed to make dinner for the kids and provide an open ear when he needed to vent.

A few weeks after signing the divorce papers, I jumped right back into the dating game with a 29-year-old I had met at a work function. By then, I was 50 with three kids and unwavering aspirations of getting my MBA. I went on a few dates here and there, but mostly they were just … It wasn't just because the men didn't look like their profile pictures.

But over time, I felt myself becoming more like a nanny and less like his wife.

The questions were surface-level (like, do you prefer romantic comedies or horror movies?

) and it was impossible to get a sense of what these men were about.

Over time, Opdenkelder would give voice to that struggle in The New York Times, The Globe and Mail and this newspaper.

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There were many more magazine profiles of her, occasionally featuring cheesecake photos of Opdenkelder herself, and TV reports.“For the purposes of media interviews and promotion of only, Cougar Life allowed Opdenkelder adopt a public persona as ‘founder’ and or ‘president’ of Cougar Life in the course of providing the Services to increase her credibility as spokesperson for,” the company stated.