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26-Jun-2020 23:49

Once again we find our members looking for new homes again when their 'beloved' site goes down (again), it used to be one of my fave hangouts, but I have long since lost respects for their ways, lack of honour to the P2P and WRZ Scene.

So you all looking for a new home to visit once again, as many of you know PHORUM.

It's time to revisit an old post about chromatic aberration and howyou can create the effect using the mental ray lens shadermia_lens_bokeh.

Though chromatic aberration is pretty much neverused (right? So for the love of bog or god stopspreading it around :) !

Use the easy advice in this post to enable you to learn to trade currency trading such as an specialist.

Chicken would my West Coast Correspondant, and he could tell everyone how he used palmolive dish detergent for soap and tim horton's napkins for toilet paper for like a month. Matt would be my far East Correspondant (Matt's in China)...he would have to wear traditional chinese clothing while he does his reports and we would call him Matt Wang Xiung.....either that or Professor Chow Mein............leaning towards Professor Chow Mein. Snapper would be my Co Host who sits on the couch like Ed Mc Mahon did to Johnny Carson and we would give each other high fives after each said sumthin funny...he would come out dancing with me.....he would break dance. The name of this show would be "The Random Hour of Power" Random reasons why i couldn't fight in the war in Iraq: 1. Uncle Scrooge didn't like the mother and paid to have her Killed 3.

Well if u can't decide now, just go home and molar it over. The Incredibles and The Spongebob Square Pants Movie. While Johnny was working, it was funny to see him look nervous everytime me and snapper walked by real scared when me and snapper hung out by the butter machine for 20mins. As soon as we walked in Johnny and Janis's house, we took our pants off and sat down...Janis walks by and isn't fazed at all by two guys sitting in thier underwear on her couch. Johnny ate a big Mac in 3 bites in under 90 seconds.....quite possibly the most impressive thing i ever saw besides a squirrel water skiing. Me and Snapper (wearing windpants and jogging pants, not shaven and just rough lookin) march into Johnny's office when he had a few of his employees in there, we don't knock, we walk in and Snapper looks at Johnny and say's "Hey Johnny, go fuck urself! - Ellen Dengenres dancing everyday on her talk show is the greateast thing on Tv. ....must have been messed up if Donald got Custody.

we got to see soem free movies and could choose any ones we wanted to....did Snapper and I pick to go see................................. - After a 6 month writers block, this blog stuff is pourin out of me like a pig pissin - Who the hell was Huey Dewey and Louie's Mother?

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Alot of you joined numerous sites when it went down the first time, but quickly ran back to new political crap once it was back up... in this game we choose a home, a hangout, a place to call our own (Unless we are leeccherz), but us Releasers, Uploaders and Sceners live by rules of loyalty.

- Johnny Burke is the Manager at the Empire Theater in Truro and me and Snapper went up for a weekend for the Tragically hip concert.....highlights: 1.

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