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Therapy and Coaching Practice of Lindsay Christianson, MA, LMHC Fierce Life is an organization designed to connect women with the outdoors... You can find me for coaching and psychotherapy at ..

to explore pushing one's limits, living fiercely, and creating space for self and others -- in the context of hiking, backpacking, rock climbing and whatever else I can dream up. You do not have to allow the confusion, reactivity, or lack of clarity in the other to throw you off. I am thankful for love, a life that gives so many “second” chances, endless life opportunities, dating apps (looking at you Tinder), relationships that offer challenges to grow, movement that feels good in my soul, and, again, love. Tomorrow I’ll be putting up some kind of Black Friday coaching deal, because who WON’T need that after spending the day with your family?! I’m so excited for this re-focus back on my solo practice, where I can exercise my unrelenting passion for love, relationships and sex! I’ve been in the trenches of modern dating, as well as coaching and counseling people through life’s scariest transitions for many years.

I knew once I truly believed I’d be ok no matter what, I could finally start living life for me and not for anyone else.

#fiercelife #divorce #iceland #wanderlust #bravethewilderness #neverstopexploring @fierceliferetreats #lifeafterdivorce Woohoo! I coach people moving through huge life transitions with style, passion and intention.

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Instead of driving all over and hitting as many touristy stops as possible, the focus has been on quality/depth experiences.

A loving relationship requires effort to keep the big picture, the process, the system, and one’s principles constantly in mind.

It requires effort to keep one’s boundaries well tended and intact. If one loves, one will be loved but not all the time. Perhaps the highest form of loving is, through all the emotional excitement of togetherness, simply to be able to maintain a separateness that focuses on being the best self one can be and defining that self, while remaining in calm, thoughtful, meaningful contact with the other, accepting the efforts of the other at being the best self he or she can be over time.” - Roberta Gilbert, from Extraordinary Relationships .

We could have easily popped in to this popular spot, taken some pictures and continued on. I do not need to hold your opinion of me higher than my own.

Instead, we spent the afternoon trail running the base of the mountains and beach, talking to the locals, and drinking hot chocolate. #vestrahorn #iceland #trailrunning I do not need your approval. While I spent some time feeling quite upset about getting sidelined during ski season and as I was just starting to dance again, I knew I had to turn it around and re-focus. Running has turned in to stretching and balance work.