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Donaldson L, Williams N, 2018: Imaging and spectroscopy of natural fluorophores in pine needles. Scientific Reports 386 | DOI: 10.1038/srep44386Hogg A, Gumbley W, Boswijk G, Petchey F, John Southon J, Anderson A, Roa T, Donaldson L. 2017: Visualising recalcitrance by colocalisation of cellulase, lignin and cellulose in pretreated pine biomass using fluorescence microscopy. 2016: Fluorescence detected linear dichroism of wood cell walls in juvenile Serbian spruce. 2015: Xylem parenchyma cell walls lack a gravitropic response in conifer compression wood. In “Cellular aspects of wood formation”, J Fromm (Ed.). PREVIOUS INDUCTEES BY YEAR 2004 Cecil Crews Mary Juanita Strickland Hare Roth Hook James Clifton Poole, Jr. Prystup Cathy Johnson Randall Guthrie Smith Larry Taylor 2005 Paul Bryant, Jr. Dan Carmichael Sam Phelps Judge John England Reese Phifer Gwendolyn Faucett Victor Poole James Flemming Roland Pugh Peggy Harrison Virginia Sealy Jimmy Harrison, Jr. Joyce Sellers Lucy Jordan Paul Singleton Bill Lanford Ernest Williams Verta Barr Meherg Lloyd Wood Harlan C.

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He had graduated in music at Trinity College, Dublin, in 1921, and gained his D. He did not write much music, but he composed a few short pieces such as the solos ‘Dilys’ and ‘Alwen hoff’, the madrigal ‘Wele gawell baban glân’, and part-song (SSA) ‘Llyn y Fan’, which are excellent examples of his style.

John Dorsey Betty Hale Gene Poole Vernon Swift Fitzgerald Washington Dr.

“Sonny” Ryan Herbert David & Mildred Westervelt Warner 2014 Georgine Clark Dr.

Recent papers Chabbert B, Terryn C, Herbaut M, Vaidya A, Habrant A, Paës G, Donaldson L 2018: Fluorescence techniques can reveal cell wall organization and predict saccharification in pretreated wood biomass. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 12: 124–133.

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2017: The first accurate and precise calendar dating of New Zealand Māori Pā, using Otāhau Pā as a case study.

Donaldson LA, Singh AP 2013: Structure and formation of compression wood. Wagner A, Donaldson L, Ralph J 2012: Lignification and lignin manipulations in conifers.