Dating a codependent

24-May-2020 14:06

Rejection and breaking-up are especially hard for codependents – even when the relationship was abusive!

It can take longer to get over a breakup, sometimes years, for even a short relationship. Breakups affects our self-esteem more than it does for people who are secure and confident.

It’s a psychological axiom that each loss recapitulates prior losses.

You may have had other losses as an adult that compound grief about the current one.

This might be natural in the early stages of a breakup, but after that, it can be an imaginary way to stay connected. If you still stay in contact with your ex, you haven’t broken up, even if you don’t have sex.

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Shame is an underlying cause of codependency stemming from early, dysfunctional parenting.Some couples spend their time talking about it their relationship, instead of enjoying time together.

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