Dating a mom

24-Jan-2020 03:22

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Your body won’t bounce back the same; and if he wanted a party girl, he’d be with one, instead of you. The greatest thing about dating someone younger is that he has so many places to show you that you’d never know about otherwise, and visa versa. You’ve had a longer life and inevitably accomplished more than your cub.

dating a mom-22

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But he can smell it the second you feel insecure about your age, and being catty to younger women is the first symptom. And to a cub, that type of body isn’t a turn off—it’s different and conversation, but you have to watch it around a cub. Don’t completely stay quiet about what you’ve done!

Especially back then, so we had to give them their check. But spewing opposing political views can sink a date. Then it was on to disagreeing about sports and politics.… continue reading »

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