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04-Nov-2020 13:03

Reeves and Ryder starred in another kind of destination wedding 26 years ago—when their characters married in Romania during the filming 1992’s from writer and director Victor Levin, she knew she wanted Reeves to play her romantic partner again.“I just love being together with him so much,” Ryder said in that incongruously sunny hotel room. Reeves was quick to point out that Ryder was a principal, playing opposite Gary Oldman’s title character, while he was merely a supporting player.“You were pretty much in land,” Reeves said to Ryder. Thank God I’m going to see Keanu.”“I was always just so happy when you were around because there was so much, sort of, trauma,” said Ryder. None of us were privy to what had happened.” Ryder has said of Oldman’s Method technique: “Maybe it’s his way of working, but I felt there was a danger [while filming].”)“You were working hard,” Reeves assured Ryder. A lot of people embroider a lot.”“I know, but there’s some beautiful embroidery,” offered Reeves. I mean, wait,” said Ryder, scanning her brain for nuptials she could have forgotten. ” wondered Reeves.“It wasn’t in a synagogue, though, but it had the stepping on the glass. Turning to Reeves, she continued: “My love for you . (Coppola has said that Ryder and Oldman fell out while filming: “One day they [. “I’m ‘no muss, no fuss.’ I’m just”—here, he embodied the physicality of someone even more at ease than he had been just a moment ago, which was more chill than you could be in eight Dracula lifetimes—“‘It’s great.’”“It’s like what Katharine Hepburn said about Spencer Tracy,” said Ryder, seemingly referring to Reeves’s laid-back acting approach. Another thing Ryder learned about herself by reading through her diaries recently: “I clearly only [journal] when I’m depressed, because there’s never any, ‘I had a great day’ entries. But he does write notes to friends.“We wrote each other a couple letters, too,” Ryder said, turning to her co-star. ”“So it had some tradition, culture,” said Reeves, seemingly relieved by this conclusion. So Reeves continued with his impromptu pitch.“We’re futuristic intellectuals. ” Ryder cracked up, so Reeves boiled down his idea to a pitch-able tag line: “Think. It was 90 degrees in Beverly Hills, but Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder were wearing head-to-toe black—looking as though they had just teleported onto the cream-colored Four Seasons couch from somewhere colder, darker, and significantly less August.Reeves wore a black blazer and his signature shoulder-length tresses. I had like one scene.”“No,” Ryder interrupted, refusing to let Reeves diminish his importance to her of her co-star’s meaningful contribution all of those years ago.“I’m one of those people who is bad at moving,” explained Ryder.While they've known each other for quite a while, the two only recently reconnected while they were both in NYC and started dating shortly afterwards in June 2018.Camila was still hesitant to reveal their relationship until July, when she finally told .

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All I want is to share beautiful food with you all," she wrote on her Insta.Their easy chemistry is why Ryder wanted Reeves to play her co-star this time around, especially given the intense nature of their latest project: they are the only two actors who speak in the film, and only had nine days to shoot. ”“No, I actually haven’t,” laughed Ryder.“Have they all been weddings in nature—not even ordained by priests, but shamans? “I’m not against it.”“They’re doing again,” cracked Reeves. “But do you remember how bad I was with my physical therapy? So he launched into playful casting-director mode, suggesting less physically grueling genres.

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